Announcing addition of Leslie:

In Fall 2023, Leslie Middle School will join Claggett Creek, Houck, Parrish, Stephens, Waldo, McKay, and North Salem as schools that MLP supports with lessons.  

Our organization’s focus is Title I schools and when we were founded five years ago, Leslie was not Title I.

The Vision

Closing the opportunity gap by offering supplemental music instruction so that no dedicated student who wants to pursue music lessons is limited because of cost.

The Why

The Need

2022-2023 Program Data

Note: Most lessons began early in the school year and many were extended mid-year when initial contracts were running out.  The result is that we were able to give considerably more weeks of lessons than usual resulting in deeper learning.  Our goal each year is to continue extending weeks of instruction beyond the baseline.

2021-2022 Program Data

Note: Most began after the first of the year since students needed the earlier time to reacclimate to being in class together before starting activity such as lessons.

2020-2021 Program Data

Note:  Fewer students participated due to Covid and all online-lessons.  Most lessons were given individually rather than in the usual small group lesson model.  Since funding was available most participating students had more lessons than typical.

2019-2020 Program Data

Testimonials from Teacher, Students, Donors