Donate and Help

How You Can Help

  • Share your enthusiasm about our project with others.

  • Host a gathering of your friends to hear about how our project makes a difference.

  • Volunteer with The Music Lessons Project.

  • And, of course, donate! Consider giving monthly either through your bank or via Paypal. A regular investment helps us plan for future lessons.

Donations may also be mailed to:

The Music Lessons Project

2110 High Street SE

Salem, OR 97302

Contact us for information on how to set up a monthly recurring donation from your checking account.

The Music Lessons Project is a registered 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. Our Federal tax id number is 83-1365483.

Oregon Cultural Trust

Consider matching your donation to The Music Lessons Project with a donation to the Oregon Cultural Trust.

The Cultural Trust tax credit is a unique way for the state to fund cultural activities in the state into perpetuity. The Music Lessons Project is one of 1400 qualifying nonprofit organizations. After donating to us make a matching gift to the Oregon Cultural Trust on their website or via mail. Oregonians who pay state income tax will get the credit back – dollar for dollar – on their tax return. It costs them nothing.