About Us

Who We Are

The Music Lessons Project is a community driven organization committed to raising funds from the general public for personalized music instruction.  We are an all-volunteer 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization.  Our Federal tax id number is 83-1365483.

The project provides opportunities for personalized music instruction to students with limited financial resources, with a primary focus on students at Title I schools.  Schools currently eligible for funding are McKay and North High Schools, Claggett Creek, Houck, Leslie, Parrish, Stephens and Waldo Middle Schools.

The Vision

Closing the opportunity gap by offering supplemental music instruction so that no dedicated student who wants to pursue music lessons is limited because of cost.

Current Board Members

Sandra (Sandy) Wiscarson, President

Danna Garcia, Secretary

Connie Sims, Treasurer

Alan Bushong

Bill Snyder

Angela Willoughby

Stephen Lytle, Salem-Keizer Director of Music and Theater

Founding Board Members

Sandra (Sandy) Wiscarson

Keith Weathers

Karen Sewell

Connie Sims

Gayle Caldarazzo

Ross Swartzendruber

Mary Lou Boderman, Salem-Keizer Director of Music and Theater


Dick and Gayle Withnell

Mary Lou Boderman 

Financial Model

View our 2019-20 IRS 990 Filing here

View our 2020-21 IRS 990 Filing here

View our 2021-22 IRS 990 Filing here

View our 2022-23 IRS 990 Filing here